Steam Boiler Viessmann 8 t/h 10 bar Never Installed

Tuotenumero: 4342016

Valmistajan tyyppimerkintä
Vitomax 200 HS 3-draft
8000 kg/h at 10 bar
17600 litraa
Lämpöhyötysuhde täydellä kuormalla
90.5 %
Kattilan pituus
7200 mm
Kattilan leveys
3050 mm
Kattilan korkeus
3350 mm
Kattilan paino
17200 kg
  • Steam Boiler Viessmann 8 t/h
  • Steam Boiler Viessmann 8 t/h
  • Steam Boiler Viessmann 8 t/h - de-aerator
  • Steam Boiler Viessmann 8 t/h - water softener

This is a full automatic single fire-tube steam boiler with 3-draft design made by Viessmann in 2014 but never installed. The fire-tube of this boiler ends in a water cooled flame- reverse chamber, followed by the smoke tube bundle for the second and third pass, with an internal smoke gas return chamber on the boiler front.  The construction is designed on P265 GH certified boilerplates and seamless steel, St.35.8 3b certified flame-pipes. The shell and rear side are insulated with 120 mm. Isover blanket, completely covered with gray coated cladding. The boiler is fitted with a catwalk to easily reach the full topside with all the appendages.

Note; No burner or burner control included. 

The delivery includes the following main equipment:

  • Steam Boiler Vitomax 200 HS
  •  Working platforms on top of the boilers incl. stairs and girders
  • Continues automatic blow down system Spirax
  • Time controlled electric bottom blow down system
  • Spray type de-aerator with 8000 liter feed water tank
  • Automatic volume controlled duplex softener unit,