Wartsilä CHP kaasuvoimala 35 MW 4 x W20V34SG generaattoreilla

Wartsilän vuonna 2005 toimittama 35 MW kaasuvoimala jossa on neljä W20V34SG kaasumoottoria generaattoreineen. Kullakin moorttorilla on oma matalapaine savukaasukattila josta sadaan 4.5 tonni tunnissa 13 bar höyryä. Mottoreilla on ajettu noin 52 000 tuntia, ovat edeleen voimantuotannossa jaerittäin hyvässä kunnossa.

Tuotenumero: 2052013

Valmistajan tyyppimerkintä
4 x W20V34SG CHP
35 MW
  • Wartsila 4 x W20V34SG
  • Wartsila 4 x W20V34SG Control Room
  • Wartsila 4 x W20V34SG Boiler Plant
  • Wartsila 4 x W20V34SG
  • Wartsila 4 x W20V34SG Cooling Towers
  • Wartsila 4 x W20V34SG MV Cabinets
  • Wartsila 4 x W20V34SG Main Switch
  • Wartsila 4 x W20V34SG Generators
  • Wartsila 4 x W20V34SG Step Up transformers
  • Wartsila 4 x W20V34SG Gas Redeuction station
  • Wartsila 4 x W20V34SG Starting Air compressors
  • Wartsila 4 x W20V34SG Plant View

Wartsila 35 MW CHP Natural Gas Power  Plant with 4 x 20V34SG Generators  

Complete running power plant with 4 units of Wartsila 20V34SG spark ignited natural gas engine driven generators and low pressure steam heat recovery systems. The equipment was delivered and commissioned by Wartsila in year 2005 and today the units have approx 53 000 operating hours. The equipment is in very good operational condition. 

Generators are installed on common base frame with the engines and common base frame is isolated from the foundation by flexible mounting with steel springs. Most of the auxiliaries are in the factory built in large modules which enable easy relocation of the equipment.   

The engines are of the four stroke, lean burn, pre chamber, spark ignited, port injected, trunk piston, turbocharged and intercooled design. The engines have fully micro processor based control system (WECS), controlling the combustion process individually in each cylinder. The engines are designed for continuous operation in gas mode in island mode at any load between 40 -100% of nominal power 

Main technical data at full load and current site conditions: 

Plant continuous power capacity:            35 MW at 33 kV

Plant steam capacity:                                 4 x 4.5 tons at 13 bar saturated steam

Engines:                                                        4 x W20V34SG, running at 750 rpm

Alternators:                                                 4 x AKV 10913kVA, 11 kV, 50 Hz, p.f. 0.8

Boilers:                                                         4 x  Aalborg 4.5 tons/h, 13 bar, outdoor

Year of manufacturing:                            2005

Operating hours:                                        approx 52000 /unit

Fuel:                                                             Natural Gas 

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