Käymistankki CCT 1920 HL Holvrieka - Landaluse

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Holvrieka - Landaluce
Valmistajan tyyppimerkintä
Vertical CCT Outdoors
1920 / 1536 HL
Oluen, viinin tai siidering fermentointi
Net capacity of each tank
1536 HL
Number of tanks available
4 pcs
PU 180 mm side and 230 mm in cone
Working pressure Holvrieka
1.5 bar + static pressure
Working pressure Landaluce
1.0 bar + static pressure
Design vacuum
300 / 500 mm Water Column
Cooling zones
3 including cone
Tank diameter - inside
5200 mm
Cooling media
Glycol - water solution
Total height
11.7 m
Weight including insulation and cladding
17 000 kgN
  • CCT Tank Holvrieka 1920 hl, Loyd's Certificate
  • CCT Tank Landaluce 1920 hl, Tank Drawing

Fermenting Tank CCT 1920 HL Holvrieka / Landaluce

Conical cone fermenting tanks (CCT) with gross capacity 1920 HL and net 1536 HL. All tanks are identical, two of them made by Hovrieka and two of them by Spanish Landaluia - all made in year 1998. Tanks are vertical outdoor type with 180 mm PU insulation, designed for seismic zone 2, supported from the bottom ring (no legs), with three (glycol) cooling zones, two on the side + cone. Tanks have mechanical cooling control as well as product handling valve system and outside on tank skirt, there are two sample taking valves. The cones has been refurbished / modernized by changing sample taking valve and adding level sensor. Generally tanks are in good condition and they have a high hygienic level.