Glass Bottle Filling Line, Krones 60 000 bph - one way

Complete one way glass filling line made by Krones (KHS Filler) in excellent condition. Capacity up to 60000 bph in 0.33 liter and 0.5 liter bottles, secondary packaging either on carton case of tray with or without shrink film. Sander Hansen tunnel pasteurizer, KHS filler, state of art Krones Pressant palletizing system. Complete control system is based on Simatic S 7 PLCs.

Krones and KHS
Manufacturer's type
One way with tunnel pasteurizer
Made in year
60 000 bph
Actual capacity with 0.5 liter bottles
55 000 bph
Total operation hours
approx 19000
Closure type 1
Crown cork KK26F - Pry Off
Closure type 2
Crown cork KK26F - Twist Off
Label type
Cold glue, paper, front-back-neck
Consumer packages
Shrink film only, tray shrink film, wraparound carton
Transport packaging
Palletized, Wrapped with stretch film
  • Krones glass line 60 000 bph with KHS filler
  • Krones Glass line - Linatronic EBI
  • Krones glass line - filling area
  • Krones glass line, Labeler Multimodule
  • Krones Labeling and Sander Hansen tunnel pasteurizer
  • Consumer packaging area case and tray packers
  • Krones bottle conveyors
  • Krones consumer package conveyors
  • Krones tray and case packer system
  • Krones Pressat palletizing system
  • Krones Pressat palletizing system
  • Krones Pressat palletizing system

Glass Bottle Filling Line, Krones 60 000 bph - one way

This is a complete glass bottle filling line from depalletizer to palletizer delivered by Krones in year 2004 with exception of KHS delivered filler – capper and it was in operation till summer 2016. It is still installed and powered and in excellent condition. The line has been filling beer in 0.33 and 0.5 liters glass bottles with nominal capacity of 60 000 bph and it is suitable also for carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks. It has a Krones double deck tunnel pasteurizer and two line secondary packaging either for wraparound carton boxes or tray-shrink packages. All controls are made with Siemes Simatic S7 PLS series with several language options. Original Krones documentation is available.

Link to video of this line: Ref 440 2017 Krones 60 000 bph line

Detailed equipment list on request.