Steam Boiler Plant LOOS USL 7000 Multifuel 2012

This is a complete steam boiler plant delivered by LOOS Bosch in year 2012 with one LOOS ULS 7000 3-draft horizontal steam boiler, max operation pressure 13 bars, capacity 7.2 tons/h, installed but NEVER OPERATED!

SKU: 3802016

LOOS Bosch
Manufacturer's type
ULS 7000
Made in year
7200 kg /h at 13 bar
Steam Boiler Plant 7.2 t/h
  • Steam boiler plant LOOS Bosch 7.2 t/h
  • Steam boiler plant LOOS Bosch 7.2 t/h

Steam Boiler Plant with LOOS ULS 7000 multifuel 2012 NEVER USED

This is a complete steam boiler plant, made by LOOS / Bosch in year 2012. It is installed and complete with all auxiliaries but never started commerical operation, and thus new like condition.

The delivery includes:

  • Steam boiler, brand LOOS Bosch, type ULS 7000, Steam production: 7,2 tons/h, opearion max pressure 13 bar, with an economizer
  • Weishaupt modulating low NOx multifuel ( gas and light oil) burner type RGL 70/1 - BZM-1LN gas control module, the working pressure of gas at the entry to the module 2000 mbar, the maximum gas capacity 800 m³/h
  • Feed water pump module type Grundfos CRE 10-16XK
  • Fuel oil circulation module type OCM 1100 kg/h
  • Boiler water treatment module with full degassing thermal, type WSM Unimax-V
  • Feed water tank capacity  4000 liters with deaeration unit type TMD 10
  • Chimney diameter 600 mm with a height of 12 m
  • Steam collector drainage with  dewatering station with one output of steam: DN 150 and two outputs of steam: DN 150
  •  A two-column water softener with a capacity of 10 m3/h electrically controlled with a container for salt pelletized.