Rotary Lobe Blower / Vacuum compressor KAESER EB 420 C – 38 m3/min, 53 kPa

Excellent condition rotary lobe blower - vacuum compressor made by KAESER Kompressoren GmbH in year 2005, type Keaser EB 420 C Compact Omega Pluss, capacity 2280 m3/h at 53 kPa over pressure. Total operating hours approx 7000. This unit was dismantled in year 2007 and was then serviced by loacal Keaser service and has been in warm warehouse ever since.

Kaeser Kompressoren GmbH
Manufacturer's type
EB 420 C Compact Omega Pluss 53
Made in year
38 m3/min at 0.5 bar
Air Conveyors
Power Demand
40.3 kW
Max Suction pressure (abs)
0.53 bar
Max discharge over pressure (abs)
1.0 bar
Max pressure increase
470 mbar
Temperature rise
82 K
Electric motor
45 kW - 400/690V - 50 Hz - 83/48 A
Compressor rotation speed
2965 rpm
Protection class
IP 55
Frequency converter type
Mitsubishi FR-F740-01160-EC
Noise level with the protection case
84 dB (A)
Ventilation fan
370 W
Blower case dimensions
1.8 x 1.7 x 1.8 m (H x W x L )
1120 kg
  • Kaeser EB 420 C Compact Omega Plus
  • Kaeser EB 420 C Compact Omega Plus
  • Kaeser EB 420 C Compact Omega Plus
  • Kaeser EB 420 C Compact Omega Plus
  • Kaeser EB 420 C Control cabinet (only one PLC)
  • Kaeser EB 420 C Mitshubishi PLC
  • Optional filters
  • Optional filters

Rotary Lobe Blower / Vacuum compressor KAESER EB 420 C – 38 m3/min, 53 kPa  

Excellent condition, last serviced, oil-free, 2 lobe rotary vacuum air compressor or air blower, depending on application, made by German Kaeser Kompressoren GmbH in year 2005 with accessories. Manufactures type is Kaeser ED 420 Compact Omega Plus 53 and accessories include a control sound enclose cabinet, silencer in both in air outlet and  outlet, control cabinet with Mitsubishi inverter and a programmable Kaeser Start Control STC 30 unit. 

This vacuum compressor has been in a part of larger vacuum system and it was stopped in year 2007, having total running hours approx 7000. Local Kaeser service has last serviced this unit in our warehouse and therefore this equipment is in excellent operational condition. 

This equipment is suitable for demanding dust collection and pneumatic transportation of various products due to oil free operation. For pneumatic transport application some changes in filters and other parts are needed.  

The rotary lobe has two blower shafts with high efficiency Omega profile in a blower block. The rotary lobe and the block have a very small distance and they are not touching each other’s and therefore there is no need for lubrication oil. The rotors are driven by high efficiency electric motor via belt connection and they both are installed on the same base frame. . The inlet and discharge silencers are designed to be effective at all frequencies and are eminently suited to variable speed . Higher rotational blower speeds produce high volumetric efficiencies, which in turn lower discharge temperatures and power consumption. The Compact Range ensures that all serviceable items are accessed from the front panels of enclosures. 

In addition, we can offer a high tech dust filtration system designed to work with this unit.  This filtration system includes a preliminary intake air filter and a final air intake filter. The preliminary intake air filters are combination of cyclone and pneumatically cleaned bag filter and it removes most of the dust from inlet air. Fine filter is a combination of cyclone and 138 ceramic fine filters which removes fine dust very effectively.  The fine filter is equipped with a vibrator in dust discharge outlet System fulfils German BIA classification rate U.