Party-KEG beer filling line semiautomatc Esau Huber 5 liter KEG 100-200 kph

SKU: 4032016

Esau Hueber GmbH
Manufacturer's type
Semi-Fill 4
Made in year
100-200 kph
5-liter Party KEG filling line
Number of filling stations
Serial number
Product pressure
1.5 - 2.0 bar
Filling temperature
> 4-5 C
230 V / 50 Hz
Instrument air pressure
max 7 bar
CO2 pressure
max 8 bar
CIP washing
max 120 C / 1.5 bar
  • Party-KEG line for 5 liter beer kegs
  • Party-KEG line for 5 liter beer kegs
  • Party-KEG line for 5 liter beer kegs
  • Party-KEG line for 5 liter beer kegs
  • Party-KEG line for 5 liter beer kegs

Party-KEG Filling Line Esau & Hueber Semiautomatic 100 – 200 KEG/hour

The semi automatic party-KEG-filler with 4 filling heads and capacity beginning from 100 up to 200 keg/h, made by Esau & Hueber GmbH in the year 2000. The KEG is placed manually onto the filler and lifted by two-hand operation. A sensor recognizes the arriving of the keg and starts automatically the filling process. The pre-air valve and the return-air will open. The keg gets purged with CO2 for approximately 5 seconds and the air opened simultaneously and the keg will be filled from bottom to top. A sensor probe – installed into the return-air channel – controls the filling process. A lamp indicates the finished filling process – the beer valve will be closed. The return-air valve stays open for a moment to relieve the filling pressure inside the keg to prevent any spilling when removing the keg from the filling head.

Air, water, beer, cleaning agents, gas and a return gas supplied via valve and piping systems controlled by Esau Hueber control system. The design is made of stainless steel frame with a work desk, on which are arranged lift cylinders and pneumatic switches. The frame is equipped with support devices to accommodate all the remaining components. Bottling of beverages produced in the automatic mode. All other processes are performed manually. Equipment is good condition and ready to delivery.