Palletizer Kettner Dublex Pressant 2NT

Palletizer Kettner Dublex Pressant 2NT, made in year 2000 in good condition, dismantled and now in warehouse. This unit was palletizing 24-bottle containers at capacity of 4200 containers/hour.

Kettner GmbH (Krones Group)
Manufacturer's type
Pressant Dublex 2 NT Palletizer
Made in year
4200 crates/h
Packaging Machinery
Control PLC
Siemens Simatic S7
Electric connection
220/380V - 50 Hz - 33 kW
Pressurized dry air
5 bar, max 12 m3/h
Weight of machinery
approx 5800 kg
In English and Russian
  • Kettner Dublex Press 2NT Palletizer
  • Kettner Dublex Press 2NT Palletizer
  • Kettner Dublex Press 2NT Palletizer
  • Kettner Dublex Press 2NT Palletizer

Kettner Pressant Duplex 2 NT Palletizer for 24 bottle Crates, 4200 containers / h 

Good condition palletizer made by Kettner GmbH in year 2000. The equipment has been loading full glass bottle crates / containers from packaging lines on wooden pallets in a brewery It has a double gripper head system for high capacity. The machine has 8 gripperhead carrier designed for standard 24 x 0.33 and 24 x 0.5 liter crates but it can be adjusted to handle various sizes of containers. 

Palletizer body is heavy duty basic machine which is supporting electro - pneumatically moving and acting two gripper heads. In addition the equipment has its own conveyor carousel for pallet handling and product (crate handling). This palletizer has Simens Simatic S7 PLC control system and it has CE certificate. Equipment is dismantled in Autumn 2013 and is now in warehouse and in good condition.