Labeling Machine Gernep Rollfed 12 000 bph PET

Labeling machine wraparound film with hot melt glue for PET bottles

SKU: 4982017

Manufacturer's type
ROLLFED 16-784
Made in year
10 000 - 12 000 bph
PET Bottle Labeling
Glue type
Hot melt glue
Current label type
Roll fed polypropylene
Touch Scree + button
Control PLC
Siemens S7
Label application
Wrap around
Label feed
Double reels with automatic switch
Bottles used
Round PET 0,33 - 1.5 liters

    Labeling Machine Gernep Rollfed 12 000 bph

    This labeling machine was made by Gernep in year 2004. The machine has two roll feeders for polypropylene labels on PET bottles (suitable also for paper labels) with automatic switch over. Wraparound labels are precisely cut and attached to container with two hot melt glue stripes injected with Gernep’s hot spot glue injectors. Machine is dismantled.