CO2 Recovery and Purification Equipment Haffmans 500 kg/h

Haffmans GmbH
Manufacturer's type
CO2 500 kg/h
Made in year
500 kg/h
  • CO2 Recovery Plant Haffmans 500 kg/h
  • CO2 Recovery Plant Haffmans 500 kg/h
  • CO2 Recovery Plant Haffmans 500 kg/h
  • CO2 Recovery Plant Haffmans 500 kg/h
  • CO2 Recovery Plant Haffmans 500 kg/h
  • CO2 Recovery Plant Haffmans 500 kg/h
  • CO2 Recovery Plant Haffmans 500 kg/h
  • CO2 Recovery Plant Haffmans 500 kg/h
  • CO2 Recovery Plant Haffmans 500 kg/h

CO2 Recovery and Purification Plant Haffmans 500 kg/h

This CO2 recovery and purification equipment was installed in year 2001 and this line is still in operation and in good condition. This equipment is designed for purifying and liquefying CO2 from beer fermentation process. The line has nominal CO2 recovery capacity of 500 kg/h. The plant has Siemens S7 - 300 control system.

The main equipment

Incoming raw gas washer:

  • Stainless steel scrubber for washing  impurities from  CO2, with heaters 3 x 4.17 kW

CO2 Compressor unit

  • CO2 compressor Josef  Mehrer TZW- 70, 55 kW, 620 rpm, capacity 550 kg CO2 / h
  • Engels & Konrad double acting filter dryer  with Sorbead WS desiccant and deodorizer with active coal type 607C. Both filters with a blower and electric heater
  • CO2 Pump , made by Haffmans, capacity 250 kg/h, 90 bat, electric motor 2,2 kW
  • TWZ Compressor cooling pump Grundfoss capacity 2.5 m3/h, electric motor 0.52 kW

Cooling equipment

  • Cooling compressor unit  Bitzer 7471-75, cooling capacity 55 kW, electric motor 38 kW, refrigerant Freon R507
  • Condenser /chiller for  R507 Bitzer, capacity 96 kW water at T = 20 ° C max, Tc = 30 ° C, flow 14 m3/h
  • Oil separator for Freon R507, made by Bitzer
  • Stainless Steel Filter for Freon R507
  • Oil Filter for Bitzer Compressor 
  • Tank for liquid  Freon R507
  • Condenser  made by H. Gunter GmbH, type CO2  VKH6 45/2800-4W,capacity 55 kW

 R507 Temp = -30 C,  CO2 Temp  = -24 C

  • Collector for liquid CO2, Haffmans DN450 / 2800

Evaporation - re-boiler unit

  • CO2 Re-boiler  made by APL Aparatebrau,  type DN 450x2800
  • Liquid CO2 pump, made by  Blacskmer, type LGP 1D, volume 1.0 m3/h, motor 0.75 kW
  • Separator  for R507 made by Bitzer, type OA 1854 volume 40 liters
  • Evaporator  for  CO2 type LC 600,  capacity 600 kg/h of CO2, control unit S-GHD-65/25

Cooling tower

  • Cooling Tower  made by BAC
  • Cooling tower pump  Grundfos

Operation description of this Haffmans CO2 recover plant

Gaseous carbon dioxide (CO2) is fed from the fermentation tank through the foam separator where fermentation foam is removed and gas is pumped to the intermediate 50 m3 CO2 buffer storage balloon (NOTE: Foam separator is not included in this equipment) From this intermediate storage gas is fed into the scrubber where  designed to clean the CO2 from ethanol and other impurities are washed away with a clean water flow in counter current scrubber.

Ethanol free CO2 gas is fed into intercooled piston type CO2 compressor where it is compressed in two stages into 18.5 bar . Compressed gas (CO2) is led in to purification unit where it passes through double acting, electric heated cleaning and drying filters. These filters are removing odor causing components and draining of CO2, which is then fed to the liquefaction plant. Liquefaction plant consist a condenser, stripping drum, evaporator and chiller running on R507 refrigerant. Refrigerant is compressed with a screw cooling compressor and it evaporates in the condenser and cools CO2 at - 30 0 C, allowing the condensation of CO2 at a pressure of 17.4 bar. Non-condensable gases will be extracted from liquid CO2 in this stage. Clean, liquefied carbon dioxide is pumped into the storage tank.