Water Chiller Compressor Trane RTHD FREON 964 kW - year 2004

Excellent condition Trane Helical Rotary Chiller Compressor, type RTHD E3, cooling capacity 964 kW, refrigerant FREON 12 (R132a). Equipment is dismantled and ready for immediate delivery

SKU: 1592012

Trane France
Manufacturer's type
Trane RTDD E3 - G3 - G3
Made in year
964 kW
Chiller Equipment
  • Trane RTHD E3 - 964 kW
  • Trane Control System Panel
  • Trane RTHD E3
  • Trane TRDH E3
  • Dismantled Trane TRDH E3
  • Dismantled Trane TRDH E3
  • Dismantled Trane TRDH E3
  • Dismantled Trane TRDH E3
  • Dismantled Trane TRDH E3

Trane Heligal Cooling Compressors 964 kW

Compressor is made by Trane in year 2004 and it is semi hermetic, helical rotary liquid compressor with capacity of 964 kWat 5C cooling media (water-glycol solution) outlet. The compressor is controlled with modern micro processor controlled Adaptive Control System type CH. 530 Evaporator and condenser are a part of this delivery and they are made of mild steel with copper tubes.  The equipment is dismantled in the begining of 2013, it is in excellent condition and is today ready for immediate delivery.  

Our technical specifications: 

  • Made by TRANE France in year 2004
  • Operating hours approx 15000
  • Helical Rotary Liquid Compressors, type Trane RTHD E3, with evaporator type G3 and condensate type G3
  • Drive with direct motors 288 kW/380 V / 50 Hz
  • Cooling capacity 964 kW at 5 degree of Celsius or 450 RT
  • Refrigerant FREON 12 (R132 a) filling capacity 318 kg